Spring 2017: Final Impressions

Just like I mentioned in my other post, this season wasn’t very impressive. Barely any of the series made a lasting impression me (not a positive one, at least), and so I am very glad to get this done and over with. Still, that isn’t to say that everything was bad.

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‘His Romance of 500 Years’ and ‘Gives’: The BL of Yamanaka Hiko

Yamanaka Hiko is the kind of person who’s work leaves you a lasting impression that doesn’t fade for a long time – probably the reason as to why, almost two years since reading her work, I still think about the characters that she has so beautifully created.
And so, I will be spending this post talking about two of her manga that I’ve never quite managed to forget.

— Minor spoilers ahead —

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The Limits of RE:Creators

The Spring season’s Re:Creators does a very fine job at making me feel guilty for all the suffering that I have caused to the characters of my own fictional world. It made me realise that my characters would, just like Aliceteria and co., hate me to the core if they happened to pop up in reality. However, that concept also got me thinking, and thinking, and eventually I came to the conclusion that some aspects of Re:Creators (specifically the fictional-characters-IRL scenario) just don’t quite add up or, at the very least, have skipped over some obvious limitations.

Of course, the series is currently only half-done, so some of my queries may be (hopefully) explained later on.

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Summer 2017 Expectations: Creepy Girls and Pretty Boys

This may be a tad bit early, considering that there is still over 2 weeks to go until the Summer season truly kicks in, but I’m just too excited for the Spring season to end. Honestly speaking, I spent almost the entirety of it trying to form a substantially positive opinion on any of the shows — and failed miserably. And so, the Summer season looked only more appealing!

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